St. Benedict

St. Benedict is a beloved saint.  He is honored by Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, Methodists and all Christians and non-Christians who deeply appreciate his holiness, recognize him as one of the founders of Western Monasticism, and deeply appreciate that he established monasteries as spiritual oases and centers for preserving learning and Western civilization. 

The St. Benedict medal has been esteemed by Catholics for centuries.  All St. Benedict medals and items we offer with the St. Benedict medal—crosses, rosaries, bracelets, decades, and others—may receive the special St. Benedict exorcism blessing if you request.  This blessing is believed to offer special graces to give strength in times of temptation, strength against evil, and strength in times of danger. 

If you wish this blessing for items with the St. Benedict medal, please be sure to request it.  There is never any charge for an item to receive this special blessing.

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