Figurines to remind of devotion, inspire hope and strength, and bring joy and happiness.  Choose a figure that reflects what you feel, or that reminds you of times past.  Give a figurine that shows you care and pray for a friend on a special occasion or simply to show that they are on your mind and in your prayers.

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  • A tree, a Prayer

    A reminder that the beauty of prayer is tied to the Tree of Life, embossed in palest beige on the an…

  • Always

    A wedding, anniversary or Valentine's Day gift that expresses love and caring. Sentiment:  I f…

  • Celebrate Angel

    A gift for graduates or to celebrate special accomplishments.  Can be added to your Nativity di…

  • Friendship

    A gift to celebrate friendships, or for those who love flowers! Willow Tree is a reminder of someone…

  • Journey

    A reminder to pause and reflect on the moments - both dificult and joyful - along th path toward ach…

  • Keepsake

    An expression of love and caring... or a gift to express sympathy, comfort and healing... Sentiment…

  • Nature

    A metaphorfor somethig precious; perhaps someone we love, perhaps our environment, perhaps our own i…

  • Remember

    A gift to express sympathy, comfort, remembrance and healing.  Willow Tree is a reminder of som…

  • Side by Side

    A gift to celebrate supportive freiendships among women - best friends, sisters, co-workers, neighbo…

  • Vigil

    A gift to express sympathy, comfort, remembrance and healing. Sentiment: Luminary of Love Size: 10"…

  • Wishing

    This figure has a beautiful gesture and sentiment determined by the giver and receiver.  A hope…

12 of 12 Items