Monk's Fruitcake 2 lb


Size:2 lb. round cake; packed in attractive gift box.


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Audrey H Sharpe Jan 3rd 2020

Fruitcake and More

Ordered 2 fruitcakes. A few days later, received two boxes of Biscotti. During a phone call to report the mistake, was told to keep the biscotti, though I was prepared to send it back. One day before the promised date, the 2 fruitcales arrived.

My husband knew about the fruitcakes, as we order them or drive to the Monastery at least once a year. We had not tasted the biscotti before. In the future, we will be ordering both. I give the biscotti five stars, too.

michael jaquith Dec 29th 2019


The best fruitcake I have ever had. If you chew slowly and quietly you can almost hear Gregorian chant.

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