Monk's Fruitcake 1 lb

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Size: 1 lb. loaf



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5 Reviews

Maria Cioffi Dec 9th 2019

A wonderful treat for me!!

There are a lot of people who don’t like fruitcake, but I’m not one of them. I live it, but I’m particular about fruitcake. Most are dry and not tasty. The Holy Monastery fruitcake is the best I have tasted! When you open the package, the aroma of the peach brandy fills the air. The fruitcake is appealing to see with whole nuts and colorful dried fruits infused in the fruitcake. The taste is rich and the cake is moist. Absolutely the best fruitcake ever!

Marian Dec 3rd 2019

Heavenly Fruit Cake

I got the fruitcake I ordered - it's delicious and everything that I want in a fruitcake! I learned about it when a Christmas show featured the monks and their special fruitcake. Thank you and keep up the good work (or should I say heavenly work!) :)

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