Monk's Biscotti Gift Box of 4


BISC4 (4 sticks)


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Daniel Jan 13th 2020

Regular Biscotti consumers

We are regular Biscotti eaters in my household and everyone has marveled at how rich, fresh and flavorful the Monk's Biscotti was.

leigh langdon Jan 7th 2020

Perfection in gift giving thanks to this sweet place!

I ordered the delicious fudge and biscotti, and although I haven't given it to my dad yet (a bit late on my end), I KNOW he is going to absolutely love them both! I also purchased the Perpetual Adoration for the priest that brought me into the Catholic Church. He is such a special person in my life. I wanted to give him something I knew would be exceptional. It came to me first, so I got to see the presentation, a truly beautiful arrangement. I would recommend this gift for anyone! Who out there in THIS WORLD doesn't need some prayers?! I certainly do! This is I think the best gift I have ever given anyone and I'm so excited about it! I mailed this a bit late also. I must say that the best part of the experience I had with #HolySpiritMonasteryGifts was the customer service. I sent an email two days prior to Christmas, and the next morning had a voicemail. I was still sleeping. The kind lady (Karen, I think), called me again and walked me through the whole process. She was super patient and kind and I am grateful. This is the perfect place with the perfect gifts!

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