Antique Maps

Communication, via the medium of art form and print--handwritten and press--has both fostered the maintenance of tradition and spread new knowledge and perspective, expanded culture and civilization and as well strengthened time-honored practices and thinking.  As well, both art and print can be spectacularly beautiful.  Here, we look at manuscripts, maps, landscapes and human form that combine technical prowess with beauty.  Simplicity and the complex each contribute in its way to capture imagination and delight the emotions, and draw us to appreciate the message the artist or writer wishes to convey.  We might simply look at a piece without understanding the language and its words, and be grasped by the sense that whatever might be being said, it is something profound and even wonderful.  Enjoy this section of work dating from the medieval to the Renaissance, to the Reformation, Age of Reason and beyond.  Take a moment to imagine the work that went into a piece, and wonder that these works have survived war and times of great trouble, natural disasters and negligence.  And be grateful that they have come into our own time.  And let's hope that they will receive good care to continue their journey to far future times.  

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