Sterling silver St. Christopher 20" rhodium plated chain deluxe gift box included.

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Sterling silver St. Christopher 20" rhodium plated chain deluxe gift box included.  Dimension: 3/4"

In ancient times, not all rivers had bridges or ferry service.  Strong and tall men would offer, for a fee, to carry over such rivers travlers and their baggage, to keep them dry.  Tradition holds that Christopher earned his living by rendering travlers this service.  One day, Christopher noticed a small child standing on the shore.  Christopher  approached him, and the child explained he wanted safe passage across the water but had no money to pay.  Christopher told the child he would take him for no fee.  He hoisted the small boy on his shoulders and, with his trusty staff, began the journey. As the river deepened, the child began to grow heavier. Waters quickly rising, the precious cargo continued to become heavier and weighed the giant man down. 

They reached the banks of the river.  Christopher asked what was happening, telling the boy.  "You weithed so much it was almost as if I had all the world upon me: I never carried so great a burden.” “Christopher," the little boy responded, “this is because I am the Christ child, and I carry the weight of the world.”

The child instructed Christopher (meaning “Christbearer”) to cross the river again and plant his staff in the ground, telling the ferryman that life would spring forth. To Christopher’s astonishment, by morning his staff had taken root—bright flowers and fruit grew from it.