St Joachim: Patron of Grandfathers

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The husband of St. Anne, Joachim was the father of Mary, and thus the grandfather of Jesus of Nazareth. The best-known story about him is this: childless late in life, Joachim goes into the desert to pray for a child. In a vision, he is told he will have a child, and he rushes back to the city, meeting Anne at the city gate, where he tells her the good news. In this piece, Joachim has his right hand upon Mary's head; in his left hand he holds an image of one of the gates found in ancient cities such as Jerusalem.

Wholly original artwork designed and cast by hand. Casted in modified gypsum with bronze powder. Pieces come boxed, can stand or hang (there's a hook on the back), and can go outside. Each piece comes with a history card etelling about the saint.