St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: Patron of Teachers Medal

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Product Description

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is the patron saint of Catholic schools, widows, teachers and seafarers. She is the first native born American saint. She was raised Protestant and married at the age of 19. He husband lost his fortune when several of his ships were lost at sea. She became a widow in her 20's and had several children to care for. She converted to Catholicism and started a school. She also founded the first American religious order for women, the Sisters of Charity. Education is one of their primary missions.

This medal honors this kind and gentle saint and her good work, especially in the field of education. Pray to St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton for teachers in these difficult times, Catholic schools, and those others especially close to her, widows and seafarers.

About 1 inch long.

This lead-free medal was hand made in the USA.