St. Christopher: Patron of Travelers and Motorists Medal

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Product Description

St. Christopher was a tall and strong man.  In the days of the Roman Empire, when he lived, there were not bridges or ferry service across all the rivers travelers needed to traverse.  Big and strong men like Christopher would carry travelers and their baggage across the water for a fee.  Travelers willingly paid for this service so they and their baggage could stay dry. 

The story is told that one day Christopher saw a small boy at the riverside.  The small boy told Christopher that he needed to get to the other side but had no money to pay him.  Christopher told the boy that he would carry him across for free.  So Christopher picked up the child and began to carry him across the river.  As Christopher continued, the child became heavier and heavier.  About midway across, Christopher thought he might not be able to continue, the child had become so heavy.  Yet Christopher persisted.  Finally, Christopher made it to the opposite shore and gently put the child down on the riverbank.  Christopher asked why the child became so heavy, and explained that he thought he might not be able to continue to the other side of the river.  The little child looked up at Christopher and said, "I was heavy for you to carry because I am the Christ Child and I bear the burdens of the World.  I shared my burdens with you on our trip across the river."  The Child then vanished.  Christopher then became a Christian and was martyred for his faith.  Since this time, St. Christopher has been known as the patron of travelers.  The name Christopher means "Christ Bearer."

About 1 inch long.

This lead-free pewter medal was hand made in the USA.