Rublev Holy Trinity Icon 7 x 5.5 inches

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The Trinity icon was created by Russian painter Andrei Rublev in the 15th century. It is his most famous work and the most famous of all Russian icons, and it is regarded as one of the highest achievements of Russian art.   

The icon is rich is symbols.  All the persons of the Trinity wear a blue article of clothing.  Blue symbolizes divinity.  The Father is on the far left.  He wears blue and gold.  His wings overlap with the Son's. 

The Son, in the center, wears blue and red.  Blue symbolizes divinity, and red blood, attesting to his divine and human nature. 

The Holy Spirit wears blue and green, blue testifying to his divinity and green to his revelation to those on Earth.  Behind the Father is the City of God. 

Behind the Son is the Tree of Jesse, symbolizing the lineage of Jesus. 

Behind the Holy Spirit is a mountain, symbolizing revelation to the prophets. 

At the center of the three divine persons is a table at whose center is a cup.  The cup has two meanings.  One is the cup which Christ drank of; His passion.  The other meaning is the Precious Blood of the Eucharist, which is Christ's Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.