Chain Necklace with Medal

The Church has a long tradition of honoring the saints and asking them to pray for us and all those in need.  The saints are special friends eager to pray for those on earth.  A medal depicting a favorite saint or a namesake is a way to honor a heavenly friend.  It reminds us to ask the saint for help and prayers as we journey through each day confronting obstacles to doing good and receiving graces that empower us to do God's work on Earth.  Saints serve as a model for us to imitate in virtue, in openness to God, and in living lives of service to Christ.  

Select a medal whose saint means something deep to you. 

Wear your medal as a sign of friendship with a brother or sister in Christ who cares for you, prays for you, wants the best for you, and who will be in your heart and at your side. 

Select a medal whose saint best reminds you that no one loves you like Jesus.  Select a medal whose saint reminds you that no companionship is as wonderful as His and no friendship like the friendship of those who love His way above the way of the world.

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12 of 34 Items