Nativity scenes have been a focus of Christmas devotion for six centuries.  The Nativity creates the scene scripture and tradition tells us centered around the birth of the Infant Jesus. Even the simplest conveys a deep sense of God's love for humanity. 

Mary and Joseph, chosen from simple people who held a great love of God, welcome shepherds from the fields and other common folk to adore their newborn son destined to be the salvation of the world. Angels crowd the sky to sing in glorious chorus and learned and wise men from afar follow a new star to find their way to little Bethlehem, in order to worship and give precious gifts to the newborn king. All the while the child and His small family are sheltered in the bitter cold of night with the animals, because there is no room for them anywhere else.

The adoration and reverence of everyone fills this stark place. God’s love in unmatched in grandeur. He stoops to assume human nature and be born in the poorest of settings so He can be with us. Any believer who gives only a few moments to contemplate this marvel knows that the only possible response is humble thanksgiving, reverent praise, and resolve to carry with them the hope that this Holy Child will be received by all women and men, and proclaim Him Son of God, Prince of Peace, King of their hearts.

May you find from our wide selection a nativity that brings reverence and joy to your Christmas celebration.

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