Milk Bottle Candle, Suck It Up Buttercup

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Creme-white candle perfumed with aroma of bourbon and butter—urging you to forget the difficulties of the day and relax.

In attractive 6 inch "glass mini milk bottle." 

Appealing to the sense of smell with its buttered bourbon aroma. 

Appealing to a sense of nostalgia, looking almost like a bottle of sweet creme delivered fresh this morning,

Recalling warmed bourbon butter brickle, whose delightful aroma and flavor can release almost anyone from difficulties dealt during the day, giving a calm time to collect the energy needed to take on the hard situations thrust on us as we go about our lives trying to achieve for family and friends and sometimes, facing circumstances where we need to recoup, recharge and recollect that doing our best and falling short is as much an act of love as doing our best and succeeding spectacularly.