Leaf from a French Book of Hours written on Vellum, Circa 1480, Showing Flight into Egypt

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with arch topped miniature showing the Flight of the Holy family into Egypt.


Leaf from a French, probably Breton, book of hours, written on vellum by a master.  Three lines of text , one 3-line capital, three 1-line capital and 4 line fillers, all-in burnished gold and colours.  The arch topped miniature showing the Flight of the Holy family into Egypt (7.7 x 5.5 inches).  Joseph stepping out to the right, turning to look back at he donkey carrying the Virgin and the Child. Attended by a girl with a basket on her head.  Set in a green landscape and a castle in the background.
Three lines of text and a 3-lines high initial “D” in burnished gold and colours.  In the bottom border a small miniature showing the medieval apocryphal legend of “the mower.”  The legend is about King Herod sending his soldiers after the Holy family to capture them. When the soldiers passed a field, they saw a farmer harvesting corn.  When they questioned him, he told them that he saw the family pass on the day he was sowing the corn.  The soldiers assumed that was months earlier.  
But the miracle is that the farmer sowed his corn that morning and miraculously was able to harvest the evening of the same day, the corn he sowed in the morning.  But the soldiers, not knowing this, were disappointed.  They returned home.  This scene is rarely found in book of hours.

Reverse page holds text surrounded by full borders in colours of acanthus leaves and flowers as on 15 lines of text, one 2-line, and four 1-line of illuminated initials in burnished gold and colours, full borders on page.

Some water damage and aging spots.  See photo.