Last Supper in Alabaster Early to Mid 20th Century from Italy

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This sculpture commemorates the beginning of Christ's Passion, the Last Supper.  It is during His celebration of the Pasch that Our Lord graces humanity with profound teaching and spiritual power.  He demonstrates that the purpose of leadership in His Church is service by washing His apostles’ feet.  He grants the apostles and all who would subsequently become members of His Church union with His body, blood, soul and divinity through the Holy Eucharist.  He gives the apostles and their successors the power to consecrate the Eucharist for members of His Church.  He declares to His Father that He has given His apostles (and by implication all who will follow Him in the future) the love that His Father has given Him.  He prays to His Father that His followers be one as He and His Father are one.  He declares a New Covenant born of His blood shed for the forgiveness of humanity's sins.  The very immensity of these sacred acts and holy teachings call for the Last Supper to be celebrated as a centerpiece of salvation history.  Christ's followers have recognized the call for them to do so since the very day of the Resurrection, when two of Jesus' disciples meet Him on the road to Emmaus, yet only saw Him for who He was later that evening when He joined them in an Inn for a meal, and they "recognized Him in the breaking of the bread," as He reenacted the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. 

The artist who carved and signed this work, A. Giannetti, produced many such sculptures and figurines for the European market.  This is one of the finest examples of his Last Supper sculptures.  He was an accomplished sculpture and produced a wide variety of works.  He has had wide influence to this day on figurine artists.  He must have felt there was deep meaning behind this scene. What else could have inspired his loving attention to detail and his convincing realism that invites us to ponder the miracle this scene potrays.  What else could have motivated him, an artist with a wide repertoire, to produce so many rendentions of this particular scene?

Signed A. Giannetti, measuring 7.9 in. x 3 in. x 2.3 in.  Estimated to be over 80 years old.  In fine condition.  The sculpture is brighter than the photographs show.  It is a shade of off-white.  This remarkable piece will be a wonderful devotion for any home.