Incense Sticks Assorted Scents

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Select your incense sticks from 5 fragrances:

  • Sandalwood: woody, creamy, as well as earthy, rich and exotic.  Mentioned in the Bible as aloe.
  • Cinnamon: sweet, spicy mildly hot.  The Book of Exodus records God telling Moses to make a holy altar and tabernacle, “Take the finest spices: of liquid myrrh 500 shekels, and of sweet-smelling cinnamon half as much, that is, 250...."
  • Frankincense: woody scent with notes of lemon.  One of the gifts of the Maji.  At the time of Christ, worth it's weight in gold.
  • Rose of Sharon: a combination of flower perfumes of the Holy Land.  The Bible in in the Song of Songs says.  "I am the Rose of Sharon, a rose of the valley."
  • Hyssop: a mixture of mint and flower perfume.  The Psalm says, "Cleanse me of sin with Hyssop, and I will be purified."

At least 12 sticks per packet