Wise Owl of Athens: The Modern Tetradrachm

The tetradrachm was a common coin of ancient Greece and the Mediterranean.  The coin was known as the "little owl" throughout the ancient world. The tetradrachm was a silver coin that often depicted an owl, an olive branch and a crescent moon on its reverse.  Athens controlled silver mines, and was able to mint large numbers of silver tetradrachms.  It's believed that when Judas betrayed Our Lord, he was paid in 30 tetradrachms, at that time the standard price at market for a healthy male slave. 

In modern times, the coin's design has seen a rebirth in silver coins, most often 1-ounce silver coins struck by different mints.  The coin is valued for its beautiful design.  The coins symbolism has survived from ancient times because it appeals to cultures across the centuries.  The owl and the olive branch and crescent moon—wisdom, laurels and peace, nature’s regularity in ever changing patterns, a light in the darkness. Archetypical themes. So the coin’s design endures and widely appeals.

A great gift for graduates, parents and grandparents, wise family elders, students, collectors, and anyone who strives for and respects the qualities symbolized by the coins enduring design.


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