Crucifixion of Christ Icon

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Behind Christ crucified are the walls of Jerusalem.  To His right are the Blessed Mother and the holy women in mourning.  To His left are St. John, and a Roman solder.  Below the cross is a skull, which according to some Eastern traditions is the skull of Adam, buried on Calvary by Noah and his sons.  The remains of the first Adam are interned below the Second Adam at His passion and death.  The icon emphasizes Christ's achievement; the redemption of humanity through His passion and death and subsequent Resurrection.  Signs of Christ's suffering are not obvious; the nails and the wounds they caused, the mark of the spear, the crown of thorns is not depicted.  The icon thus represents triumph and victory over the suffering of the Lord and calls the viewer's mind to the Resurrection which is soon to follow His death, where He brings all creation to Himself and redeems humanity from evil.