The popularity of coin collecting continues to grow both as a fun hobby and for investment.  In modern times, new technologies expand design possibilities.  Colorization by national mints and private organizations after a coin's release has become popular among collectors.  Often, colorized coins command higher premiums that non-colorized releases. 

Foreign mints are leading the way in coin design and minting technology.  Their breakthrough processes produce exquisite examples of modern numismatic art. The United States Mint has been slow to adapt, preferring to continue with more traditional style coinage.  Perhaps the best example of the U.S. mint's recent innovation is the production of 5 oz silver commemorative quarter dollars.  These are remarkable coins, the largest ever minted by the United States.  The size allows minting coins of stunning detail.  This is indeed a breakthrough for the U.S. mint.  Nevertheless, further innovation in minting technique and design would in all likelihood be well received by collectors. 

The results of modern minting can be stunning.  New commemorative coins can be minted in nontraditional shapes and sizes.  The most beautiful pieces are often in high demand and short supply.  Many fine coins are no longer delegated to a collector's drawer or storage box, but are displayed in prominent places as beautiful works of art.  Enjoy reviewing our selection of coins.  Enjoy the beauty resulting from phenomenal numismatic craftsmanship.  The coins often are fun, and many even display highly moving themes of heroism, national pride, human ingenuity, and the sacred.  Coins reflect the immensity of human experience.  Yet they can be held in the palm of your hand.


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