Art Deco Artisan Crucifix Painted Opaline Glass Handcrafted Van Paridon Workshop

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This beautiful crucifix was created from artisan handcrafted opaline glass, Art Deco design. 

The glass is toned in laconic sepia brown, and set in the original wooden frame. Handcrafted by Gebroeders Van Paridon.  In the period of 1930's - 1950's the Van Paridon brothers was famous for their opaline glass artwork. Their work is held as exceptionally expressive religious art, combining a contemporary feel with eternal subjects.

The piece is signed on the bottom with the monogram of the artist.  The cross is encased in oak wooden frame with a depth of 3/4 inches (1.8 cm), height 10 inches (25 cm) and width just over 8 inches (20.5 cm).  Weight: 307 grams.   Very good vintage condition.